New volumetric valve with servo drive

Berlin, 13.10.2009, As already announced several month ago, ADACTECH is now offering a new range of volume dispensing systems - the VDH-1536 SR - to complete the VDH series. Equipped with a servo motor, this very new dispensing valve allows the user to electronically adjust the dispensing volume in continuous mode and therefore to apply the medium with a high repeatability. The noise development of the unit is very low and it works very energy-efficient. Please refer to "products" for more detailed information.

ADACTECH and PROMESS found ADACTECH Technologies GmbH

Berlin, 24.09.2009, ADACTECH Dosiertechnik GmbH and PROMESS Gesellschaft für Montage- und Prüfsysteme mbH founded the ADACTECH Technologies GmbH situated in Berlin. The aim of this new cooperation is to synergize in the divisions of development, production and sales and to develop the worldwide market penetration. Fur further information please contact us

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